In Body Dialogues III / Moving Spaces, Anneleen converses with double bass player and music producer Nicolas Rombouts. They improvise together in different spaces with the idea that music and dance are temporarily sculpting energy that is already present in the space. Nothing new needs to be produced. Everything is already there. They allow the charge and history of each space to move through them and give sound and form to its vibrations and frequencies. It is a form of time travelling, meditating, celebrating, waiting, dancing and being danced. Over time, they naturally included other artists in their practice. After each improvisation, they symbolically collect some energy in a container as a memory of the moment.

About Body Dialogues: Within the framework of Body Dialogues Anneleen initiates conversations with different artists about specific aspects of the body and dance. The invited artists are not necessarily performers or choreographers, but the body or movement forms an intrinsic part of their work. Body Dialogues creates a space for active contemplation and cultivates communication with and about the body. Favouring an in-depth approach, the dialogues are spread over several years. At times, the practice opens to different kinds of audiences, in order to involve more people in experiencing and thinking about the body and dance.


Concept Anneleen Keppens

Dialogue partners Anneleen Keppens and Nicolas Rombouts

Residencies workspacebrussels, WP Zimmer, Charleroi Danse, Les Brigittines

With the support of the Flemish Government

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