In Body Dialogue II / Embodying Guiding Stars, Anneleen converses with choreographer/dramaturg/bodyworker Laura Dannequin about how to show up at work and at home in ways that are in tune with the needs of both their bodies and their surroundings. Part of their exchange is sharing practices that support them to embody the values they chose to cultivate in their lives. These practices involve moving, reading, writing and speaking. Through the dialogue, they find ways to navigate their porousness: softening into the cyclical nature of life, being open to receiving from life, breathing, daring to unlearn and trusting in their messy and unruly bodies, with an awareness of their entanglements to all that is, all that came before and all that is to follow. This dialogue naturally leeks into their lives, their work and their families.

About Body Dialogues: Within the framework of Body Dialogues Anneleen initiates conversations with different artists about specific aspects of the body and dance. The invited artists are not necessarily performers or choreographers, but the body or movement forms an intrinsic part of their work. Body Dialogues creates a space for active contemplation and cultivates communication with and about the body. Favouring an in-depth approach, the dialogues are spread over several years. At times, the practice opens to different kinds of audiences, in order to involve more people in experiencing and thinking about the body and dance.


Concept Anneleen Keppens

Dialogue partners Anneleen Keppens and Laura Dannequin

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Uses of the Erotic: the Erotic as Power - Audre Lorde "Once we know the extent to which we are capable of feeling that sense of satisfaction and completion, we can then observe which of our various life endeavours bring us closest to that fullness"
I Will Not Be Purified - Sophie Strand "I’m much more interested in ensoilment than ensoulment. I want to have actual roots. I want my spirituality to have fur, pheromones, funk. I want it to live in a specific place."
Mirrors in the Earth - Asia Suler "The word paradise, after all, comes from the modified Greek word paradeisos, which means enclosed park or garden."
Animal Joy - Nuar Alsadir "We leek truths from our bodies all the time."