In Body Dialogue I / Hands, Anneleen converses with writer Elke de Rijcke about hands, the body part with which we feel and make the world, both covered in dirt and in direct communication with the sacred. The hands of the writer weave letters together through paper and air, those of the dancer weave movements through space and air, both generating a unique form of communication.

This dialogue culminates in the poetry edition HANDS (SUN/SKY) of Elke de Rijcke and in a public encounter in which Anneleen and Elke share their dialogue and the materials that sprung from it with an audience, creating a shared and open space held by their hands and the many hands that inspired them.

About Body Dialogues: Within the framework of Body Dialogues Anneleen initiates conversations with different artists about specific aspects of the body and dance.

The invited artists are not necessarily performers or choreographers, but the body or movement forms an intrinsic part of their work. Body Dialogues creates a space for active contemplation and cultivates communication with and about the body. Favouring an in-depth approach, the dialogues are spread over several months or years. At times, the practice opens to different kinds of audiences, in order to involve more people in experiencing and thinking about the body and dance.


Concept Anneleen Keppens

Dialogue partners: Anneleen Keppens and Elke de Rijcke

Poetry Elke de Rijcke

Residencies workspacebrussels, STUK, KAAP, WP Zimmer

With the support of the Flemish Government

A taste of our creative process

Down by the water - PJ Harvey
Noli me tangere - Anneleen Keppens & Peter Savel
Virgin of the Rocks - Leonardo da Vinci - CA 1484
Hands - What we do with them and Why - Darian Leader "The first battle of freedom is fought between hand and mouth. During our first year of life, the hand must liberate itself from its dominion by the mouth."
Your Inner Fish - Neil Shubin "All creatures with limbs, whether those limbs are wings, flippers or hands, have a common design."
Une semaine de bontè - Max Ernst - 1934
The hand - Frank R. Wilson "Although we understand what is meant conventionally by the simple anatomic term, we can no longer say with certainty where the hand itself, or its control or influence, begins or ends in the body."
Noli me tangere - Jean-Luc Nancy "Why, then, a body? Because only a body can be cut down or raised up, because only a body can touch or not touch. A spirit can do nothing of the sort."


Open Studio's XL - Brussels - Belgium
Hands - Body Dialogue I - With Elke de Rijcke